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“The purpose of Jewish existence is not to eat Jewish food, or tell Jewish jokes... It is to fight evil and reduce suffering in the world. It is a source of deep pain to me to recognise how few people know this.”
– Dennis Prager & Joseph Telushkin, “Nine Questions People Ask about Judaism” (1991)

With all due respect to Prager and Telushkin, what if there were a higher purpose to telling, and enjoying, Jewish jokes?

Take an unforgettable journey with us through Jewish humor. Learn at your own pace, on your own schedule, and open yourself up to a new world of laughter and understanding.

In this thought-provoking exploration, we will approach Jewish humor with the same analytical lens applied to other Jewish texts as we aim to decipher the underlying messages embedded within jokes — and gain insights into the Jewish experience.
In each unit we will look at Jewish humor on a particular theme, and how that theme illuminates an aspect of the Jewish experience — in particular, the North American Jewish experience shaped by Ashkenazi culture in Eastern Europe, immigration to the United States, and the process of assimilation and acculturation.

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The themes of this course:

Arguing with God: A comedic exploration of the unique dialogues with the divine.
Questioning Authority: The humor-filled legacy of challenging and critiquing power structures throughout Jewish history.
Assimilation: The comedic lens through which Jews have navigated identity amidst evolving cultural landscapes.
Jews & Money: A humorous examination of age-old stereotypes and realities connecting finance and Jewish culture.
Future Insights: Glimpse into the trends shaping the new wave of Jewish humor.

About your instructor:

Andrew Silow-Carroll is editor at large of the New York Jewish Week and managing editor for Ideas for the Jewish Telegraphic Agency. He has taught classes on Jewish humor for the Melton School of Adult Jewish Learning, hosted JTA’s YouTube series “Shtick: Jewish Jokes Explained” and once came in third at a “Funniest Jew in New York” stand-up comedy contest, which is funnier than coming in first.

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